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Cryptography Introduction

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Welcome to The PrivacyCrypt. Here you will find a variety of information and resources to assist with your cryptographic implementation. This includes several easy to use and downloadable toolkits. 



Hash algorithms are fundament to many cryptographic applications. Although widely associated with digital signature technology, the hash algorithm has a range of other uses. SHA-1 and MD5 are amongst the most widely known, trusted and used. When utilised with a password (the HMAC version), the potential uses of these algorithms extends further. We recommend The Secure Hash Algorithm Directory 



Do you need a comprehensive RSA cryptography toolkit... with or without DES functionality? Do you need a DES toolkit? 

Our cryptography toolkits are distinctive through their 'ease of use' approach and comprehensive functionality. Furthermore... they are not just shipped and forgotten. We also provide a unique supporting product to help implementation and testing (also provided as a demo - see below).

If you want to build a serious cryptography solution, this is your first step! 

PC Cryptographic API (RSA) Toolkit

An API providing RSA encryption and key-pair generation, with support for digital signatures and DES key transport.  An essential component of any system based on public-key technology using RSA.

PC Cryptographic API (DES) Toolkit

A DLL with a very comprehensive range of  functions providing everything needed to develop DES-based security products.

Demonstration Program

A stand-alone utility which demonstrates many RSA crypto-functions.  Useful as a debugging tool and as a teaching aid, but invaluable in simplifying the integration of the RSA toolkit. 



Are you seeking expert cryptographic consultancy and help? Aaben Kryptografi are leading crypto consultants and developers. 



The Cryptography Management Kit comprises a number of resources designed help you understand and implement cryptography. It includes guidebooks, audit checklists, presentations, an FAQ and a library of source code (3DES, RSA, MD5 and SHA-1). It is described full on its own web site: Cryptography




For security policies, embracing cryptography, we recommend: The RUsecure Interactive Security Policies. For contingency planning, we recommend The Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery Guide



RSA and DES Cryptography Toolkits. A Cryptography Introduction.
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